Monday, July 20, 2009

Paris Hilton Sex Tape

Peris Hilton and then-friend Rik Salomon have kept the record to themselves the having floor in the hotel number, Hereinlaufend the evening vision.
Video - after the communications the part of the collection of the private material, the Hilton in a held the depository of the safekeeping, but was auctioned away, after it has forgotten to pay lease the payment.
Hilton has tried to stop originally the distribution of the tape, but,
Later agrees on his issue. Now the advantage of the sex tape has her.

Sexual new video Peris Hilton, in the nude
in the bath, is taken on the Internet, in it in appeared times how she takes Foamy bath. In it the Paris jokes about her sexual videos the scandals, swims around in the gigantic bath of the bubbles just soaks up with the crooked article for the shower.
Peris Hilton speak with the camera about her tape videos. “If you were with us, before it becomes from the number of the issue three of the volume Wideo Peris Hilton, ”the man's voice of the joke of the except camera, so Paris of the hours.

That has not entered into a shot.

Paris Hilton sex tape


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