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Beauty Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton model

Full name: Paris Hilton
login:Star, Princess
Favourite music:: Blondie, Britney Spears, Rolling Stones, The Doors, U2, The Killers
Favourite sports - a golf
Date of birth: on February, 17th, 1981
The birthplace: New York City
Sisters and brothers: Nicky (20), Barron (16) and Conrad (12)
Parents: Rick Hilton and Kathy Hilton
Growth: 172 sm, 88-62-87см
Weight: 52 kg
Hair colour: the blonde
Colour of eyes: dark blue

Paris Hilton was born on February, 17th, 1981 in New York. It is the grand daughter
Konrada Hilton, the founder of a network of hotels "Hiltons". Before beginning career of
top model, and then and actresses, Peris was well-known the club way of life.
Following in the footsteps of the mother, Katie, both aunts of Kim and Kajli Richards
whichsince the childhood played films of studio Disney, it has appeared for the first time
on the screen at the age of ten years, having played a role "Girls on a beach" in a low
budget picture "Wishman" (1991). Then it has made a break in to career for 9 years that
in 19 to return to cinema, having played a role in an independent film "Sweetie Pie" (2000).

After that Peris has received a kameo-role in Ben Stillera's film "Exemplary male" (2001).
2003 became sign for Peris. Fox TV has chosen Peris and her sister for participation in
the new reality show "Simple Life". Nicole has soon dropped out of the project, and Peris
has offered on the replacement the girlfriend, Nicole Richi (the daughter of singer
Lionel Richi). Show has been continued without interruption with charm Peris and
naughty humour Nicole.

In real time it has been shown, how two secular young women go to travel in small city,
also start to live on a family farm. Every week, they tried to master any manual labour
(as a rule, suffering failure), for example, to milk a cow. Avariciously dressed girls,
nevertheless, have involved in themselves a great attention of the man's population of
a city. The matter is that to a show exit in an aether, on the Internet frank video has been extended with Peris, removed when she was 19 years old on video she had sex with Rik Salomon, which at that time was its boyfriend. He also has sold 45-minute record of one of
the pornographic companies. Despite litigation threat, video even left in hire
under the name "One night with Peris"

Additional publicity in a society has not strongly wounded Peris. The second season of
a teleserial "A simple life" has been ordered. Besides, she has played small roles in such
films as, for example, the Cat in a hat (2003) with Mike Myers, "the Wonderful country"
(2003) with Velom Kilmer and "Fashionable mummy" with Kate Hudson.
Also Peris has acted in a youth film of horrors "the House of the wax figures "also has
received a leading role in to a picture" National Swear! ". It continued also work on TV,
in serials FOX and NBC.

Peris takes a great interest in yoga, tennis and design of bags. Together with sister she
owns the own jeweller line. Actively is engaged in charity and helps the protection
organisations animals. Nik Carter, one of participants of group was one of its last
boyfriends "Backstreet Boys".

Hilton lives between two cities: New York and Los Angeles. The successor of a mullions-strong condition of hotel empire Hilton. Some times Paris Hilton headed charts of the putting on
celebrities most badly, became the main heroine sexual scandals. Paris Hilton has let out own biography «Recognitions scandals», has created own aroma with the same name and a
collection of ornaments The Paris Hilton Collection.

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