Saturday, July 11, 2009

Paris Hilton movie

In Hollywood the main things "cinema-luzery" of the last year — owners
of the film award were defined - Razzie Awards. To one of them became
Paris Hilton's secular lioness in a film - The Love Guru. Paris Hilton
any more the first year, for the present unsuccessfully, Tests in the
film industry. This year its aspiration have noted at once three awards
Razzie Awards.

Paris Hilton movie

Paris Hilton - The Love Guru
The Nominationen get mostly Paris Hilton among the people, - four.
One was a Producer of the picture Most badly nominally "Hottie".
In three others: most badly the actress "Hottie", the support
the actress "Repo: Genetically the operas" and a screen pair.
Hilton of each of her "Hottie" co-star Christina Lakin or
Dschoel David Mur. Three years ago Paris Hilton has won mostly of
the support" The actress for the "house of the wax".
For the comparison, it looks like Peris Chilton "S" in Hottie And
in Nottie "was robbed! They only Has five Nominationen.

Paris Hilton - The Hottie and the Nottie
Paris Hilton die Sterne, wie titel- die Schonheit in dieser
romantischen Komodie. Nate (DODGEBALL in Dschoel David Mur)
vergottert Prachtig Cristabel (Hilton), aber sie verzichtet,
in abzugeben ihrer Seite weniger attraktiv dem Freund des Junis
(Christina Lakin, Schritt fur Schritt). Um
sie zu bekommen der Fristen, Nejt des Junis hilft, auf das
Leben sich andernd makeover einige Unerwartete aufzustehen
Die Ergebnisse.
Paris has the reward for allerschlimmst the actress for Hottie
And in Nottie, which get support of the Allerschlimmsten
the actress (for Repo! Genetically the operas), and the
allerschlimmsten pairs (or with Christina Lakin or
Dschoel David Mur in (Hottie And in Nottie)!

Paris Hilton - Repo the Genetic Opera
The producers are intended to explain this that they have thrown
Chilton in Repo! Genetically the opera, and the rock opera film
of the frights, in six weeks in Toronto starts to shoot after
september, 10.
Repo! Shop genetically about some organ of the failure of the
epidemic in 2056 what makes the people, completely from them
Geneco, and the biotechnological societies who are perfect in
the fee of the regular Of the payment. The film is founded on
the successful theatrical establishment to Terrens Zdunich
and Darren Smith.

Paris Hilton - Pledge This
At the university Sudlich the beach, the president does not
take over nice Sororiti in the group traditionally the student
in the first academic year of the girl strive the acceptance
in her house.
Are ready too hoarse, Unrated the version Being the national
abusive writing the promise! In the roles Peris Хилтон and To
pass over Paula Garces (Harold and Kumar, the white castle).
The group the student in the first academic year Misfits
the woman will make to all to get in the gamma, one must
impress the Gamma-sororiti, however, first them Gamma the
president Viktoria (Paris Hilton).
Soon them all in the class of the fight between this
Of the promises and nicely "he" the girls who steers Sororiti
to the arena. It is an amusing comedy in the current to the
beginning traditions of the old school, and van Uajlder the comedies.

Paris Hilton - Bottom's Up
And Midwestern of the barmen ingratiates to itself in Hollywood
the systems to find the love in the way.
The cruel recommend, only if you the gigantic admirer of the
actor, or if you in your house in to see the full loneliness,
from nothing, but your walls interesting, why nobody likes you.

Paris Hilton - House of Wax

The sandy bank draws to itself six friends in the town ghost
where the museum grow it is raised at the head from.
And Within two brothers who have the special manner to make
the wax figures to search the real.
After one the past gets the stylish casting Paris Hilton, it
above average frights Flik really of the surfaces from the
bloody pit of the remakes Clutching of a little bit worthy

In my personal opinion, it is better and did not climb to
be shot in all these foolish films.All the same better the
film removed by Rik Solomon "With Peris Hilton in bed"
at it any more will not be.
Let continues to please us with the same films is better.

Paris Hilton movie


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